Scars Correction

The scars affect the appearance of our skin. Through corrective surgery, we can improve its shape and reduce its amplitude to recover smooth and beautiful skin. Keloid scars usually have a red and bulky appearance and produce itching. They are scars that usually appear in the ears, in areas where piercings have been placed, in the neckline area and in areas where there has been acne.

In the treatment of scar surgery, injections of a mixture of corticosteroids are made directly into the scar. This medicine works from the first injection reducing itching. As the patient receives the treatment, the scar improves its appearance: the color is reduced, the scar is flattened and the itching sensation is completely eliminated.

Dr. Felipe Galiano and his team will be by your side before, during and after the plastic surgery you have.

Repair of scars of bad healing and elimination of keloids.

The session lasts about 30 minutes.

In just 10 days the recovery is complete, the scars have a little redness very little noticeable.

Slight discomfort during treatment.

Poor healing scars

Scars can look unflattering due to a variety of causes: poor scarring, poor saturation, or widening of the scar. In surgical treatment, Dr. Felipe Galiano makes an incision in the scar to break the created structure. Once the incision is made, the parts are reattached cleanly. With this treatment we manage to attenuate the image of the scar and obtain a more harmonious result.

Corrective scar surgery in Barcelona and Badalona


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