Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a purified protein that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and softens the expression lines, without producing any harmful effects on our body. It is applied to the specific muscle that causes wrinkles in the eyebrows, forehead and lateral area of ​​the eyelids getting a younger, harmonic and natural face.

Botox is a toxin that acts directly on the muscle that causes wrinkles, causing it to relax and decrease its strength. This prevents wrinkles from appearing, resulting in a more rejuvenated face. This treatment is very effective in reducing the visible signs of aging, eliminating wrinkles and preventing their appearance.

It reduces and attenuates wrinkles and expression lines. Prevents its appearance.

Each session lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

The result is visible after 3 or 4 days and its effect lasts between 4 and 6 months.

It may cause slight discomfort when applying the Botox.

How is the treatment?

During the session, a Botox vial is injected through small injections in the area that causes muscle contraction and, therefore, wrinkles. Once the treatment is done, the patient is recommended not to touch the treated area between 4 and 6 hours to be sure that the effect is perfect. At Clínica CIME we work with the botulinum toxin of the Azzalure® brand, a high-quality toxin applied by medical personnel and according to the recommendations of the Spanish regulations on the use of botulinum toxin for cosmetic use in Spain.

What results can I expect?

When specific muscles relax after treatment, the skin around the treated area will appear smoother and with fewer wrinkles. Botox treatment allows normal movement of untreated areas of the face. The patient can continue to express their emotions, smiling and expressing themselves.

Treatment of incomplete areas

At CIME Clinic we work the complete harmony of the face, seeking the greatest naturalness, we work on vials that reduce wrinkles in a single session. The most indicated areas are:

  • Front: to reduce horizontal expression lines.
  • Frown lines and crow's feet: to relax facial expression.

Post-treatment recommendations

It is widely known that the skin is the largest organ in the entire body, and is responsible for protecting us and helping us communicate with the outside environment; So it is essential that our skin is healthy. Therefore, it is important to understand how healthy skin works so you can learn to take better care of it, and that includes using products that also help you prevent future skin problems.

Dr. Manuel Rubio, Aesthetic Medical expert specializing in facial and body rejuvenation, drawing inspiration from the needs of patients who went to their clinics with poor skin quality, which caused him to limit the result of his medical work, decided to work in a medical line of skincare, with scientifically proven results, to achieve a beautiful and healthy skin, and that will help complement the aesthetic medicine treatments performed on their patients. This synergy resulted in the SUMAQ product line.

In relation to this aesthetic medicine treatment, the following recommendations are:

  • Do not touch or manipulate the infiltration areas during the 4 hours after its completion, or adopt positions that may cause the toxin to spread to other muscle groups.
  • Patients should avoid overexposure to heat and sunlight.
  • If you notice any pain, take paracetamol.

It is essential to be able to take care of the skin both from the inside and outside to help the result lasts longer in time, so it is advised:

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