Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Surgery

With the passage of time, the skin of the eyelids loses firmness and increases its sagging, creating a crease effect on the eye; This is due to an aging process known as "herniation of fat pockets" due to weakening of the internal structures of the eye socket. This process creates an effect of aging, tiredness, and heaviness on the eyes.

Blepharoplasty is a simple outpatient surgical procedure that allows the removal of excess skin and fat from the eyelids, both upper and lowers so that your eyes recover their rejuvenated expression.

This surgical intervention in expert hands reduces its inherent risks and allows its performance in an outpatient regime with local anesthesia, with or without sedation, depending on the case to be treated.

In CIME Clinic we perform eyelid surgery in our facilities, without the need to enter the patient in a hospital. The duration of the surgical intervention is 1 hour, and the patient returns home the same day.

Dr. Felipe Galiano and his team will be by your side before, during and after the plastic surgery you have.

Rejuvenation of the gaze.

The surgical intervention lasts between one and two hours.

The result of the operation is immediately appreciated.

Itching for a few seconds in the area to be treated.

When is it recommended?

When we notice that the appearance of our eyelids worsens the expression of our face. The drooping of the upper eyelids gives an appearance of tiredness and sadness on the face that does not correspond to the real vitality of the patient. In the case of the lower eyelids, fat pockets are created that affect the structure of the patient's face, modifying their expression. At the time we notice these changes on our face we can choose to perform eyelid surgery, for which we can request an assessment by our specialist.

How is the postoperative period?

After the surgical intervention, the patient can return home a few hours after the intervention. The scars left on the eyelids are almost imperceptible and the immediate postoperative period is not painful. It is common for bruises to appear around the eyes since it is a very sensitive and delicate area.


Facial (periocular) aging with excess skin, herniation of fat pockets, asymmetries of the eyelids and hyperlaxity of the lower eyelid.


From the age of 20.


Upper: upper eyelids.
Lower: lower eyelids.
Complete: upper and lower eyelids.
Combined with other operations.
Previous tests or exams:
Blood tests and electrocardiograms.


Suspend tobacco use and anticoagulant intake 1 week before surgery.

Reduce the area's exposure to the sun.


1 hour approximately.


Upper eyelid: the natural fold with lateral extension.
Lower eyelid: 1mm in the line under the eyelash, with lateral extension.
Local or local plus sedation, depending on the classification.


With local anesthesia, it is not accurate.
With local anesthesia plus sedation, 6 hours of observation in the clinic.
Edema (swelling), variable in eyelids.
Moderate bruising of the eyelids.
A slight stinging of the eyes and eyelids is possible.
Points: they are removed after 5 days.


Immediate: medication indicated by the specialist orally and topically, local cold and rest.
1 week (or earlier): Special makeup could be used.
1 month: do not dye eyelashes or sea baths.
2 months: do not take sunbaths.
6 months: use of constant sun protection.


Fundamental for the reduction of facial aging when correcting, both folds (especially in the upper eyelids) and bags (especially in the lower eyelids).
A "normal" life can be achieved after 7-10 days.
There are no changes in expression. There are usually no eye discomforts.
The bags do not usually reappear.

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