Varicose Veins Removal with Laser

Vascular spiders are a mild level of varicose veins that, if not treated properly, can develop and create venous ramifications or thicken existing ones causing a long-term circulatory problem.

They are venous capillaries up to 3mm in diameter that can appear anywhere on the body. The most common is that they appear on the thighs, ankles or the popliteal hollow, but they can appear in other areas, even on the face.

Previously, vascular spiders or “fine veins” were treated with medical methods of varicose vein reduction, that is, through the injection of ethoxysclerol or polidocanol through the sclerotherapy technique. With the appearance of Vasculight® treating vascular spiders is much simpler and faster. Vasculight® is a type of Yag Neodymium laser that allows the treatment of very small veins and thus prevents the appearance of varicose veins.

Elimination of spider veins and small varicose veins.

Each session lasts 1 hour.

Definitive at the end of the treatment.

Slight discomfort due to laser application.

How are spider veins removed?

Vascular spiders are small endings, venous capillaries that accumulate blood and do not compromise the patient's blood circulation. Unlike varicose veins, spider veins can appear anywhere on the body or face, and with the Vasculight Laser, we can treat them all without exception.

The Vasculight laser acts on the vascular spider by increasing the temperature of the blood vessel, this increase accelerates the cell death of the vessel walls and it is reabsorbed naturally, ceasing to be visible and ending this unsightly problem.

How is the treatment?

Vasculight laser sessions can last between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the area to be treated. The patient feels a slight itching in the area of ​​application, totally tolerable and not very intense. In all treatments of varicose veins or spider veins, the use of compression stockings (medium compression) or resting averages is recommended, especially during working hours.

Post-treatment recommendations

It is widely known that the skin is the largest organ in the entire body, and is responsible for protecting us and helping us communicate with the outside environment; So it is essential that our skin is healthy. Therefore, it is important to understand how healthy skin works so you can learn to take better care of it, and that includes using products that also help you prevent future skin problems.

Dr. Manuel Rubio, Aesthetic Medical expert specializing in facial and body rejuvenation, drawing inspiration from the needs of patients who went to their clinics with poor skin quality, which caused him to limit the result of his medical work, decided to work in a medical line of skincare, with scientifically proven results, to achieve a beautiful and healthy skin, and that will help complement the aesthetic medicine treatments performed on their patients. This synergy resulted in the SUMAQ product line.

In relation to this aesthetic medicine treatment, the following recommendations are:

  • It is recommended to moisturize the skin very well after treatment.
  • It is highly discouraged to expose yourself to the sun during the two months after the session.

It is essential to be able to take care of the skin both from the inside and outside to help the result lasts longer in time, so it is advised:

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