Intragastric balloon

Treatment to reduce weight from 12 Kg.

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POSE Stomach Reduction

Reach an adequate weight by reducing the size of the stomach.

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nutrition treatment

A good diet is one of the most important requirements to have good health and to maintain our figure. Nutrition does not consist solely of a list of foods that are advisable to take to lose weight, eating habits, differences of our organisms, our daily routines, and our personal tastes should be taken into account to create a healthy and appropriate diet for each case.

At CIME Clinic, our Nutrition Treatment has been complemented and reinforced by all our experience in aesthetic medicine. We create personalized and complementary plans between nutrition and aesthetic medicine treatments so that you achieve your goals with the best guarantee.

The combination of the most innovative techniques together with the most ancestral rituals, as well as the interrelation with nutrition and medical monitoring, makes us treat your beauty in an integral way.

We want to accompany you in the care of your beauty, so when making the first informative medical visit we will plan your treatments in a personalized way and thus guarantee that you will get the best results, with the maximum naturalness.

In the International Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine (CIME) you are the most important, so we put at your disposal a medical team with extensive experience, the latest technology and the most advanced treatments.


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