Intragastric balloon

When we want to lose higher amounts of weight, the diet may not be enough. The Intragastric Balloon is a simple surgical procedure that helps us increase the feeling of satiety, so it helps us reach a healthy weight.

The Intragastric Balloon is a silicone balloon that enters the stomach. This balloon is inserted empty through the mouth endoscopically and once it is placed in the stomach it is filled. Once detected, the ball will occupy a space in the stomach, create a feeling of satiety and thus we will be able to re-educate our eating habits and lose weight.

Treatment to reduce weight from 12 Kg.

Each session lasts 30 to 40 minutes.

Quick results, always accompanied by a specific diet.

Discomfort in the days following the operation.

When is it recommended?

The intragastric balloon is a procedure aimed at people who want to lose weight greater than 12 kg, that is, they have moderate obesity. It is a highly recommended procedure to improve health and avoid possible diseases related to overweight and obesity. Intragastric balloon patients should be constant in their diet and in their new foodstuffs after the intervention, to ensure a long-term result and maintain the weight reduction achieved.

Indicated for people who have failed with other methods

The Intragastric balloon technique is indicated for men or women who need to lose more than 10 kilos. It is also indicated for those / patients who have failed with other diets, since the Gastric Balloon does not allow excesses, because during the treatment the stomach does not tolerate them, "forcing" the patient to eat moderately.

In just 20 minutes, without surgery

The procedure consists of introducing a silicone balloon into the stomach, orally, without any surgery. The endoscopist doctor takes the deflated balloon to the stomach, subsequently, the balloon is filled with physiological serum to reach a sufficient volume to produce the state of permanent society.

It is a quick process that lasts about 20 minutes, in addition, its withdrawal after 6 months is just as simple.

The balloon remains lodged in the stomach for 6 months in which the patient leads an absolutely normal life.

The difference is that when you sit down to eat, you will not have the feeling of appetite and with little food intake that is known to be satiated. And here lies the success of this treatment, since being satiated reduces food intake and reducing intake reduces the excess pounds and damages the health of the patient.

The patient receives medical and technical support that stimulates and helps him, monitoring his daily diet so that his diet is rich and without deficiencies. The greatest effort of the medical team is directed towards the nutritional education of the patient to get him/her to modify their nutritional habits, thus improving their health and their quality of life.

Treatment to reduce weight from 12 kg using the Intragastric Balloon in Barcelona and Badalona


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