POSE Stomach Reduction

In the case of high obesity, the POSE procedure helps to achieve an adequate weight, reducing the size of the stomach and making the patient feel satiated without resorting to more invasive techniques.

The POSE procedure is a recommended treatment to treat obesity safely and non-invasively. It consists of reducing the capacity of the stomach endoscopically without making incisions. It is a recommended treatment for people with morbid obesity or who, having lost weight with other treatments, have recovered it and have a Body Mass Index greater than 30.

Reach an adequate weight by reducing the size of the stomach.

The session lasts about 45 minutes.

Weight loss begins in the days after the intervention.

The patient must follow a balanced diet and healthy eating habits to achieve and maintain their ideal weight.

What is the POSE procedure?

The POSE procedure consists of a reduction of the stomach that is performed orally, without opening any access route. The shape and greatness of the stomach are modified by means of folds to reduce its size and its ability to distend; in this way, the patient feels full with a smaller amount of food ingested. Being an intervention without incisions is a safe and uncomplicated procedure, discomfort is minimized and the patient can return to normal life after 48 hours.

Reach an adequate weight by reducing the size of the stomach through the POSE method in Barcelona and Badalona


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