Laser Medical Hair Removal

Eliminates unwanted hair permanently. With our medical laser, you will be able to effectively and definitively remove hair, either body or facial. Laser hair removal consists of applying heat to the hair follicle, in this way we manage to eliminate the follicle itself and prevent the hair from growing again. With this system a permanent hair removal is achieved in a short time, the skin improves its quality, softness, and elasticity because the heat also stimulates the creation of collagen.

The result is healthy, hairless skin. Once the sessions recommended by the specialist have been performed, the hair that has been removed never comes out again. It is advisable to do reminder sessions to continue maintaining the area.

Eliminate unwanted hair permanently.0

The duration of the treatment is variable according to the areas to be treated.

The result is visible from the first session.

Very slight discomfort in laser shots.

In which areas can it be done?

Both facial areas (such as sideburns, chin, ears or upper lip) and body areas (such as groin, armpits, back, hands, legs or arms) can be treated. It is recommended for all those who want to remove unwanted hair or have any alteration of the hair follicle.

What is medical photoepilation?

The Quantum IPL system is based on an intense pulsed light source. The light energy is transformed into heat energy, achieving a temperature high enough to eliminate the hair lump, without damaging the surrounding tissues, but damaging the germ cells responsible for hair growth. The great advantage of the Quantum IPL is its ability to adjust treatment parameters based on skin type and hair color, density and location.

Is the treatment painful?

No, only slight discomfort is perceived, which is usually well tolerated. In cases of very sensitive people, simply apply an anesthetic ointment to the area.

Does skin or hair color influence the results?

Yes, the best results are obtained the lighter the skin and the darker the hair. That is to say, that is, the less melanin the skin has and the more the hair, because the melanin is where the Quantum IPL works. For this reason, it is advisable to do hair removal on the parts of the body usually exposed in the winter months, when the skin is not tanned.

Do you need many sessions? How long is each session?

Generally, the treatment consists of 5 sessions, separated from each other from 5 to 8 weeks depending on the area to be treated. In some cases it will be necessary some more session, until having the security of the elimination of all the follicles. It depends on the area, for example: legs need about 60 min. approximately, some armpits about 15 min., etc.

Are the results lasting?

Yes. Today you can not speak of permanent hair removal, but if lasting. In cases where, over time, there has been regrowth, a considerable decrease in density has been observed in the treated area and follicles of much smaller diameter. Information to obtain: if you have sunbathed, if you are pregnant, if there is any disease, if you take contraceptives.

Contraindications of photoepilation:

  • Epilepsy or epileptic history.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes (lower extremities).
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Photosensitive disease: Lupus, porphyria.
  • Malignant or suspected malignancy lesions.
  • History of hypertrophic or keloid scars.
  • Treatment with photosensitizing drugs (example: Diuretics).
  • Retinoic acid (Roacután in 6 months: consult a doctor about whether it is incompatible).
  • Glycolic Acid Peeling Treatment (wait 1 month).
  • Treatment with Glycolic Acid creams (wait 2 weeks).
  • TCA Peeling Treatment (wait 50 days).
  • Pigmented patients (the doctor must diagnose and prescribe depigmenting creams one month before, which the patient will stop using a week before treatment).
  • Electric hair removal (wait 1 month).
  • Very recent waxing.
  • Nearby event.
  • Hair must be a minimum of one millimeter long (that is, visible).

Post-treatment recommendations

It is widely known that the skin is the largest organ in the entire body, and is responsible for protecting us and helping us communicate with the outside environment; so it is essential that our skin is healthy. Therefore, it is important to understand how healthy skin works so that you can learn to take better care of it, and that includes using products that also help you prevent future skin problems.

Dr. Manuel Rubio, Aesthetic Medical expert specialized in facial and body rejuvenation, inspired by the needs of patients who came to his clinics with poor skin quality, which limited the result of his medical work, decided to work in a medical line of skincare, with scientifically proven results, to achieve beautiful and healthy skin, and which will help complement the aesthetic medicine treatments performed on its patients. This synergy resulted in the SUMAQ product line.

In relation to this aesthetic medicine treatment, the following recommendations are:

  • It is recommended to hydrate the skin very well after the treatment.
  • Exposure to the sun for two months after the session is highly discouraged.

It is essential to be able to care for the skin both inside and out to help the result last longer, so it is advisable to:

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