Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

Reduces and attenuates wrinkles and expression lines.

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Hyaluronic acid

Reduces expression lines increase volume and attenuates wrinkles.

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Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP

Activation of the elasticity and vitality of the face.

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Tension Threads

Lifting effect without surgery.

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Chemical Peeling

Renewal of the dermis, softness and reduction of spots and wrinkles.

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Laser Rejuvenation

Provides density and luminosity and eliminates pores and signs of aging.

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Facial Mesotherapy

Skin rejuvenated, nourished and luminous instantly.

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Depigmenting Treatment

Removes skin blemishes easily and quickly.

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Facial Carboxytherapy

Improvement of microcirculation and stimulation in the formation of new collagen.

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Jett Plasma

Improves sun-damaged skin, reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin's surface.

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Microneedles - Dermapen

Rejuvenate the skin, shrink pores and minimize scars and facial marks.

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Radiesse - Lifting Without Surgery

Recover the lost volume over the years.

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Ellanse - Collagen Stimulator

Correct expression lines and wrinkles giving back elasticity and luminosity to the skin.

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LED Mask - Spectrum Mask

More luminous, hydrated, young and firm skin from the first session.

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facial aesthetic medicine

Recover your natural beauty with anti-aging facial aesthetic medicine treatments. Our face changes over time and the signs of age hide our vitality. With facial aesthetic medicine treatments, you will get a younger face and recover your natural beauty without the need for surgical interventions.

We want to accompany you in the care of your beauty, so when making the first free informative medical visit we will plan your treatments in a personalized way and thus guarantee that you will get the best results, with the maximum naturalness.

In the International Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine (CIME) you are the most important, so we put at your disposal a medical team with extensive experience, the latest technology, and the most advanced treatments.

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