Breast Reduction - Breast Reduction

The size of the breast brings harmony to the female body. When the natural size of the breast is very large it creates discomfort, in addition to unbalancing the proportions of the woman. The excessive volume of the breast causes its fall down.

Breast reduction decreases the breast and regains its firmness. It's a surgical procedure by which the size and weight of the breast are reduced, getting a firmer and less annoying breast for the patient. Similarly, the size of the areola can be reduced.

In addition to significantly improving the shape of the breast and the figure of the patient, the symptoms produced by the excess weight of the breasts, such as backaches, shoulder-rubbing caused by the bra, irritations in the infra and intermammary areas, are relieved, etc.

Dr. Felipe Galiano and his team will be by your side before, during and after the plastic surgery you have.

It decreases the size and increases the firmness of the breasts.

The surgical intervention lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

Final results visible in 6 months.

Discomfort in the days following the operation.

What does the surgery consist of?

Breast reduction surgery consists of making inverted T-shaped incisions in the lower chest area. The tissue is reduced in size in the same way in both breasts and the areola is relocated in its proper position, achieving a decrease and elevation effect.

It consists of removing a more or less important amount of glandular and adipose tissue from the breast with the skin that covers them and proceeding with its reconstruction with the remaining part.

The objective is to obtain a more satisfactory breast volume, a harmonious shape and an elevation of the areola set, since bulky and extremely wide breasts, apart from being unsightly, produce different discomforts and limit freedom of movement and participation in sports activities.

What are the causes that produce excessive volume?

They are usually due to the constitution of the person, but also to hormonal modifications or the alteration of the receptivity of the breast tissue to the hormonal action itself during puberty (essential glandular mammary hypertrophy). In other cases, breast hypertrophy will be associated with general obesity (fat hypertrophy).

Mixed forms in which there is both an increase in glandular tissue and adipose tissue (mixed mammary hypertrophy) are also frequent. The excessive volume of the breast causes it to fall downwards. The degree of hypertrophy can vary in important proportions, being able to achieve authentic breast gigantism.

What anesthesia is used? Is hospitalization necessary?

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia and its duration ranges from 2-3 hours. The patient can return home with a simple support bra.

How much can you reduce the size?

Large volumes are removed without significant subsequent repercussions.

Is breastfeeding capacity lost? And the sensitivity?

Depending on the volume of the reduction, there may or may not be breastfeeding and, in terms of sensitivity, that of the areola - nipple complex is practically always preserved.

Will there be any signs of the breast reduction operation?

When having to remove the skin, some signs will remain, although these usually acquire the normal color of the skin after 1 year.

How long does it take to lead a "normal" life?

In 10-15 days the patient can return to her daily life.

What results can be expected?

In addition to significantly improving the shape of the breast and the figure of the patient, the symptoms caused by the excess weight of the breasts (back pain, chafing on the shoulders caused by the bra, irritations in the infra and intermammary areas, etc.) are alleviated...). The result should be as long as possible over time and try to maintain, although it is not always feasible, mammary glandular function.


Large breasts, with or without sagging.


Growth finished.

Previous tests:

Blood tests, electrocardiograms, and mammography. Preoperative: 2 days before, waxing of the areola and armpits.


23 hours.




In the lower part and submammary groove.


Between 24 and 48 hours.


  • Some discomfort appears when moving the arms that disappear spontaneously in a few days.
  • No bandage: just a light bra and a plastic dressing over the incisions.
  • They are removed after 2 weeks.


  • In 2 days you can shower or bathe (synthetic water-resistant dressing).
  • For 1 week do not raise your arms.
  • For 1 month wear a sports bra.
  • Do not make violent efforts or sports.
  • Do not expose scars to the sun.


Complete modeling of the chest (shape and size). Very large there may be no breastfeeding.

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