Dermopigmentation treatment comes to complete the treatments of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. It offers a wide range of reparative and reconstructive services destined, mainly, to give a natural and beautiful appearance to some feature of the face or body that has been damaged by disease, trauma or accident.

For example, the micropigmentation of areolas in cases of breast reconstruction and postmastectomy (a service that seeks to restore naturalness to the reconstructed breast and, in this way, a woman's well-being with her body image), that of scars to hide them, that of eyebrow or scalp alopecia in early stages or aesthetic correction of depigmented skin blemishes.

Restore and repair specific areas of your body.

Duration of personalized sessions.

Results according to the type of treatment.

Treatments without discomfort.

Periareolar scar correction

Dermopigmentation allows the scar to be hidden by means of micro-needles that inject mineral pigments at a superficial level, making it imperceptible.

Aesthetic correction of stretch marks

Dermopigmentation is a cosmetic technique that, in just two sessions and through micro-needles, allows the introduction of mineral pigments at the surface level of the skin of the affected area, camouflaging the stretch marks and achieving a visual and aesthetic correction of them.

Aesthetic treatment of vitiligo

Vitiligo is a degenerative skin disease, in which the cells responsible for skin pigmentation are destroyed, thus stopping producing melanin in the affected area. At present, there is no treatment capable of correcting this skin anomaly, but from the dermopigmentation service, we offer a solution that minimizes the psychological impact of vitiligo.

Hair tricopigmentation

In this case, the treatment is purely aesthetic, it is not a curative treatment, although it is very fast and very effective. And the patient benefits from an instant psychological improvement. Only in two sessions per zone, the visible scalp is camouflaged, creating a shading that simulates the shadow cast by the abundant scalp on the skin.

Dermopigmentation and micropigmentation treatment in Barcelona and Badalona


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