Capillary Micrografts - FUE Technique

With the treatment of capillary micrografts, you recover hair that has been lost in baldness areas with transplants of your own hair. A quick and easy way to recover your image with a natural result.

At CIME Clinic we work with the most innovative technique of capillary micrograft: the FUE technique, the technique of individual follicle extraction (hair by hair). The end result is more abundant and natural-looking hair.

Hair recovery in bald areas.

Several sessions will be needed.

The final result can be seen 4 weeks after implantation.

Treatment with anesthesia, no pain is felt.

How is the treatment?

This treatment consists of extracting the hair follicles from the posterior area of ​​the head where they are strongest, individually and without scarring. Each follicle contains between 1 and 4 hairs and is completely extracted to be able to implant it again, they are prepared and separated according to the number of hairs of the extracted follicle and it is carefully inserted in the areas with less hair or bald areas. Once grafted, the new hair begins a normal growth cycle.

The first days you have to take special care of the transplanted hair when washing it, afterwards the care will be as for totally normal hair

Who is it recommended for?

This treatment is indicated for patients who meet the necessary conditions to perform the FUE technique:

  • Limited and controlled hair loss.
  • Scarring alopecia of little extension.
  • Hair volume in the donor area.
  • Post-treatment recommendations

Platelet Rich Plasma can be combined with Facial Mesotherapy treatment approximately 15 days after the application of platelet rich plasma. Daily cleansing of the skin and subsequent hydration is important, as it is the basis for maintaining a cared and hydrated scalp.

It is widely known that the skin is the largest organ in the entire body, and is responsible for protecting us and helping us communicate with the outside environment; so it is essential that our skin is healthy. Therefore, it is important to understand how healthy skin works so that you can learn to take better care of it, and that includes using products that also help you prevent future skin problems.

Dr. Manuel Rubio, Aesthetic Medical expert specialized in facial and body rejuvenation, inspired by the needs of patients who came to his clinics with poor skin quality, which limited the result of his medical work, decided to work in a medical line of skincare, with scientifically proven results, to achieve beautiful and healthy skin, and which will help complement the aesthetic medicine treatments performed on its patients. This synergy resulted in the SUMAQ product line.

In relation to this aesthetic medicine treatment, the following recommendations are:

  • Patients should avoid overexposure to heat and sunlight.
  • Maintain intense care of the scalp avoiding shampoos that can irritate it.

It is essential to be able to care for the skin and scalp both from the inside and out to help the result last longer, so it is advisable to:

Before and After Images

FUE technique for hair grafting in Barcelona and Badalona


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