• It is a completely unconscious activity that damages the structures of the tooth, the periodontium, the muscles, as well as the articulation of both the jaw and the maxilla and that normally occurs during sleep. It can be caused by stress or back injuries.

At CIME Clinics we can treat this pathology by relaxing the maxillofacial muscles.

In this way, it is not only possible to solve the oral damage that bruxism may be causing, but also the excessive ‘shape’ of the muscles of the face, which is achieved, in some cases, to soften the features.





What is bruxism?

It is the medical term for the grinding of the jaw. It is a parafunctional activity that most people experience at some point in their lives. Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw are the two main characteristics of this condition, which can occur both during the day and when you are asleep. Some people do this jaw movement for no apparent reason. Although its persistence, it can cause jaw pain and wear of teeth. The most common problems of Bruxism are headache and facial tension.

What is the treatment for bruxism?

An inhibitory substance is infiltrated into the muscle responsible for clenching the jaw (the masseter muscle). Block nerve impulses to the area. The application of this treatment does not affect in any case the speech and the correct chewing of food.

Does it have side effects?

The procedure is quite simple and does not generate side effects.


- Improvement of the quality of life of the patient.

- It offers greater definition of the middle sector of the face, better symmetry and thinness.

- It is a quick treatment.

- A more stylized face is achieved.

- It is a non-invasive treatment.

- It does not require anesthesia.

Post Treatment Recommendations

No great care is required after this treatment. Daily activities can be resumed immediately, however it is important that within 4 hours of application avoid rubbing your face or lying down, so that the injected medicine does not spread to unwanted areas.

Eliminate or temporarily reduce bruxism (a medical term for grinding of the jaw).


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