Beauty is not just something that shows our body, it is an attitude, a feeling that is enhanced with comfort and with care from respect. Therefore, at CIME Clinic we know that the most important thing is you. With this philosophy, our Badalona and Barcelona centers are designed as medical spaces but also as relaxation spaces in which your well-being is our top priority.

At the CIME Clinic, we attach great importance to the medical part of image care. Our patients are always treated by Dr. Rubio to make an assessment of each case and obtain the necessary medical advice. Natural beauty is our priority, so all CIME Clinic treatments are aimed at improving your own beauty and making your own features shine. We do not believe in faces and modified bodies in which you do not recognize yourself, we believe that aesthetic medicine must adapt to you and improve your own personal image. Our treatments always start with medical advice and we review each case individually to make sure that we will get the best results for you.

In CIME Clinic your beauty treatment does not end when the session ends. We make a personalized follow-up of each case with reviews that allow us to assess the evolution of the patient step by step. We know that aesthetic medicine treatments give optimal results in the medium and long term, so we ensure that the process is optimal for each patient. The reactions of each body and each face are different since they are living tissues and, therefore, we do not believe in promises of immediate results. Professional follow-up is necessary to adapt and improve the treatment individually in each case.


Dr. Manuel Rubio

Dr. Manuel Rubio leads a team of highly qualified and renowned professionals who work together to improve the health and beauty of their patients while maintaining the balance between physical harmony, well-being, and health. The combination of their updated experience, technology, and medical practice makes the team a benchmark of efficacy and quality, achieving the best results. In September 2013, Dr. Manuel Rubio founded the International Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine (CIME), which has become one of the most prestigious and reference clinics in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in Badalona. Because of this, and thanks to the confidence of the patients at Clínica CIME, it continues to grow with a new headquarters in the center of Barcelona in the Eixample.

In addition, Dr. Manuel Antonio Rubio Sánchez actively participates as an assistant and speaker in numerous courses, congresses, and conferences, both national and international. His passion for aesthetic medicine is so great that he has just published his book: "Aesthetic Medicine - Keys, approaches and current treatments", and of different protocols for the performance of specific aesthetic medical treatments. You can get to know Dr. Manuel Rubio in-depth in this link.

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