Custom Nutrition Plan

Obtaining your ideal weight is an objective that you must face to prioritize your health. With this purpose in CIME Clinic, we create personalized diets so that you can reduce your weight, taking into account your habits, your day to day and your tastes. In addition, we combine the diet with a personalized plan of aesthetic medicine treatments to recover the firmness of your skin and reduce the volume in specific areas.

The nutritional plan with aesthetic medicine treatments of Clínica CIME is a technique for weight loss that takes into account the characteristics of each person. It consists of a combination of nutrition with aesthetic medicine treatments especially indicated to reduce the volume in specific areas.

The combination of the most innovative techniques together with the most ancestral rituals in our Medical Spa, as well as the interrelation with nutrition and medical monitoring, makes us treat your beauty and health in an integral way.

Improves eating habits and weight loss.

Each session lasts 30 to 40 minutes.

Weight loss is visible from the first week of diet monitoring.

A medical session will be held every week to monitor the process.

Custom diet

The process begins with a medical consultation in which the Doctor will perform a series of tests to determine the most appropriate type of diet:

  • Know the patient's eating habits Check your blood test
  • He will perform his electrocardiogram
  • Will do an STAI test to know the degree of anxiety of the patient
  • He will take his body measurements It will measure your body mass index
  • Once this first exam is done, the patient will see the Nutritionist create a proper diet and decide on the necessary treatments.

Personalized Aesthetic Medicine Plan

The doctor will indicate when to start the aesthetic medicine treatments that will help reduce the volume and reaffirm the necessary areas at each moment of the treatment.

Treatments of:

  • Thermosudation
  • Cavitation
  • Body radiofrequency
  • Pressotherapy
  • Massages
Nutrition plan with aesthetic medicine treatments in Barcelona and Badalona


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